by Admin Dec 25, 2022

Amb. Hassan Ardo Tukur, MFR, OFR Remains A Lover of Nigeria and Africa at Large


Unveiling and Rebranding Nigeria Initiative (URNI), has congratulated its patron, Ambassador Hassan Ardo Tukur, MFR, OFR as he has added another award to his numerous meritorious portfolio, based on his track record in service delivery.

The Nigerian career diplomat was born on the 3rd of January, 1957.  Amb. Tukur has served Nigeria in various capacities; as Chief Examiner to the Government, Charge d’Affairs of the Country’s Embassy in Equatorial Guinea, to mention but a few among other leadership capacities and speaks 7 Languages; English, French, Spanish, Arabic, Fulfude, Hausa and Chamba. Amb. Hassan Tukur is married with children. 

Recall that on the 18th of August, 2022, the diplomat was awarded an honour in Abidjan; the Officer of the Order of the Nation of Cote d’Ivoire, at a ceremony presided by Madame Henrietta Diabate, who is the Chancellor of the Republic of Cote d'lvoire.

The most recent is the award in recognition of his sterling contributions to strengthening bilateral relations between Niger and Nigeria, President Mohammed Bazoum of the Republic of Niger on the 18th of December, 2022 awarded him with the Order of Merit of Niger, which is one of the highest honours of the Republic of Niger. 

This meritorious honour has once again highlighted your unflinching commitment to promoting peace between Nigeria and her neighboring countries. 

Given the amount of efforts he puts into everything he does, these awards speak volumes of Amb. Tukur’s abilities. 

Amb. Hassan Ardu Tukur, MFR, OFR is also the Patron of the Unveiling and Rebranding Nigeria Initiative, an Initiative whose vision is to rediscover Nigeria by Nigerians and project the image and dignity of our socio-cultural, political and economic history that is poorly presented to the global community. Keep up the good work, in your journey to acme. You are highly celebrated, Sir!

Unveiling and Rebranding Nigeria Initiative stated, "According to Mark Twain, “it is better to deserve honours and not have them than to have them and not deserve them”.  But those who deserves honour by earning them are worthy of outright commendations. So should be said about our Nigerian born Amb. Hassan Ardo Tukur, MFR, OFR. 

"The heartwarming news of his recent two outstanding awards on the International scenes are no surprises to us. His exemplary actions in diplomatic affairs and contributions to the development and peaceful coexistence of Cote d’Ivoire have earned him the recipient of the Officer of the Order of the Nation of Cote d’Ivoire. 

"We have no doubts that you are both capable and deserving of these noble feats. We are proud of you, even as you continue to blaze the trail worthy of emulations by the younger generations. This is just the beginning of your glorious career and fulfillment.

"Hearty Cheers, from the Unveiling and Rebranding Nigeria Initiative.