Ogun State

Ogun State was carved out of the old Western State by the military administration of General Murtala Muhammed and General Olusegun Obasanjo in 1976. Ogun State is otherwise known as the Gateway State. This is in recognition of its pioneering role in education, medicine, law and divinity, on the one hand, and its strategic position as the link by road, rail, air and sea to the rest of the country.

Apart from Abeokuta, the capital, which is an important market centre-and a terminus of the roads and railways coming from Lagos and other parts of the country, there are also major towns and communities like Sagamu, Ijebu-Ode, Ilaro and others that can serve as good markets for products of the mining industry in Ogun State.

People & Culture

Yoruba is the main ethnic group in Ogun State, which comprises several dialects such as the Egbas in Abeokuta-North, Abeokuta-South, Ifo, Ewekoro, Obafemi-Owode, Odeda and Ado-Odo/Ota LGA; the Egbados in Egbado-North, Egbado-South, Imeko-Afon and Ipokia L.G.As; the Ijebus in Ijebu-East, Ijebu-North, Ijebu-Northeast, Ijebu-Ode, Odogbolu and Ogun watersides LGA; the Remos in Sagamu, Remo-North and Ikenne LGAs.

Other dialectical groups in the state include Oyo (Owu), Awori, Ikale and Ilaje. Some aspects of the culture of the people in the state include traditional arts, carving, sculpture and smithery amongst others.


The climate of Ogun State follows a tropical pattern with the raining season starting about March and ending in November, followed by dry season. The mean annual rainfall varies from 128cm in the southern parts of the State to 105cm in the northern areas.

The average monthly temperature ranges from 23°C in July to 32°C in February. The northern part of the state is mainly of derived Savannah vegetation, while the Central part falls in the rain forest belt. The southern part of the State has mangrove swamp.




Prince Dapo Abiodun (born 29th May 1960) is a Nigerian businessman and politician, he is the board Chairman of the Corporate Affairs Commission.

He is the managing director/CEO of Heyden Petroleum Ltd [HPL], an indigenous player in the downstream, midstream, and upstream oil and gas industry in Nigeria. He is also reportedly the founder of First Power Limited.

Education: He studied civil engineering at the Obafemi Awolowo University Ife, Osun State and subsequently, Accounting at Kennesaw State University, Atlanta Georgia, United States of America (USA). He also holds a Honours et Doctorate Degree in Finance from Ekiti State University, Ado Ekiti, Ekiti State and another in Business Administration from Adeleke University, Ede, Osun State.

The Ogun State government house serves as the Official home to the state governor or chief state executive of the state and their families. It is the official venue for events such as the state's executive council meetings, government conferences, swearing in of cabinet members and of course the Governor's official business. It can also be used as receptions and functions hosted by individuals; some arms of the state government also have offices at the state government house.

Its natural resources include an extensive fertile soil suitable for agriculture and mineral deposits. The climate and soil of the state are suitable for the cultivation of a wide range of crops. The major food crops include rice, maize, cassava, yam, and banana. The main cash crops include cocoa, kolanut, rubber, palm oil and palm kernels. Ogun State is one of the largest producers of kolanut in the country. It also produces timber and rubber on a large scale.

  • Abeokuta North Local Government.
  • Abeokuta South Local Government.
  • Ado-Odo/Ota Local Government.
  • Ewekoro Local Government.
  • Ifo Local Government.
  • Ijebu East Local Government.
  • Ijebu North Local Government.
  • Ijebu North East Local Government.
  • Ijebu Ode Local Government.
  • Ikenne Local Government.
  • Imeko Afon Local Government.
  • Ipokia Local Government.
  • Obafemi Owode Local Government.
  • Odogbolu Local Government.
  • Odeda Local Government.
  • Ogun Waterside Local Government.
  • Remo North Local Government.
  • Sagamu Local Government.
  • Yewa North Local Government.
  • Yewa South Local Government.
  • Limestone
  • Phosphate
  • granite stone
  • gypsum
  • bauxite
  • bitumen
  • feldspar
  • clay
  • glass sand
  • kaolin
  • quartz
  • tar sand
  • gemstones
  • crude oil

1. Real Estate Business

Many people who work and own their business in Lagos state prefer to live in Ogun state. Although it is difficult to differentiate some towns in Ogun state from Lagos state, but the truth is that accommodation is far cheaper in Ogun state than it is in Lagos state.

So, if you have a strong financial capacity, you can consider going into real estate business in Ogun state. You can build mini estates in towns that are closer to Lagos state and you will sure have tenants occupying the houses no sooner than they are completed. Ogun state is one of the best locations to launch your real estate career in Nigeria.

2. Mechanized Farming

Ogun state have loads of farmlands that are very cheap. If you are interested in farming and you live in Lagos, you can consider starting your own mechanized farming in Ogun state. There is a large market for farm produce in Lagos. Just ensure that you go into the farming of crops that wouldn’t be difficult for you to sell. It could be maize, cassava, cucumber, carrot or any crop of your choice.

3. Poultry Business

Poultry business is yet another profitable business an entrepreneur can successfully launch in Ogun state. If you live in Lagos and are interested in starting a poultry farm but you have a challenge for an ideal location, then you just have to move to neighbouring towns in Ogun state to build your poultry farm it is cost effective.

4. Diesel Supply Business

Diesel supply business is one of the cool means of making cash in Ogun state. There are loads of offices, schools and factories that are in need of supply of diesel. All you need to do is to market your business to these organizations, purchase a tanker and then lift diesel from the Mosimi depot in Sagamu. The presence of a diesel depot in Ogun state makes it profitable to engage in this type of business.

5. Transportation Business

Transportation business is another business an investor can start in Ogun state. The fact that many people live in Ogun state and still work or run their businesses in Lagos state means that they would always need transportation to and from their offices and place of business.

To leverage on this to make money, you just have to launch you own transport business. Position your buses in places where you can easily pick passengers from Ogun state to Lagos state and you will make good returns on your investment.

6. Auto Mechanic Repair Workshop

If you are a mechanic, there is need for you to start your own auto mechanic workshop in any of the towns in Ogun state. The business is booming in Ogun state especially if you are good with what you do, and your workshop is well positioned in a place that is visible.

7. Timber Business

Timber business is yet another thriving business an entrepreneur can start in Ogun state. Ogun state has very rich forests spread across the state. In other to legally engage in this type of business, you must secure your license from both the Federal Government of Nigeria and Ogun state government. If you don’t have a permit, you can be arrested and prosecuted if caught cutting trees in any of the forests in Nigeria.

8. Paper Making Factory

Paper making factory is one business an investor looking towards starting a business in Ogun state should invest in. Ogun state is suitable for this type of business simply because you can get your raw materials cheaper in Ogun state, you can access cheap labor and you can access the biggest market for paper in Nigeria – Lagos state. So, ensure that get all the permits needed and your feasibility studies is done before investing your money in this type of business. No doubt you stand the chance of making good money from this business.

9. Car Wash Business

Car wash business is one of the businesses that an entrepreneur can easily setup in any of the major cities in Ogun state and still make good cash. You can setup your cash wash in Sango, in Ota, Abeokuta or even in Ijebu Ode and you will attract clients on a daily basis.

10. Catfish Business

Catfish business is another business that is trending in Ogun state. The demand for catfish is on the increase and it seems that there are short suppliers of catfish in Lagos. So, if you want to leverage on this need to make money, you can build your own catfish pond in neighbouring towns in Ogun state and then market your catfish in Lagos state

  • Provision of 320KW solar mini-grid Electrification of Onidundu Obafemi Owode Of Ogun State
  • Completion of Rural Electrification of project for Okolomo Alagbagbo Odeda Local Government Area Ogun State
  • Completion of Rural Electrification of Scheme in 30 Communities in Ogun State
  • Supply of 6 Nos. 500KVA Transformers in Abeokuta South LGA, Ogun State
  • Provision and Installation of 50KVA Transformers across Ogun West Senatorial District, Ogun State
  • Rural Electrification at Ifesowapo, Ijoun, & Saala in Yewa North, Idogo in Yewa North LGA, Ogun West Senatorial District, Ogun State