Edo State


The Mid-Western Region was a division of Nigeria from 1963 to 1991, from 1976 being known as the Bendel state. It was formed in June 1963 from Benin and Delta provinces of the Western Region, and its capital was Benin City. It was renamed a province in 1966, and in 1967 when the other provinces were split up into several states, it remained territorially intact, becoming a state. During the Nigerian Civil War, the Biafran forces invaded the new Mid-Western state, en route to Lagos, in an attempt to force a quick end to the war. While under Biafran occupation, the state was declared as the “Republic of Benin” as Nigerian forces were to retake the region. The republic collapsed a day after the declaration as Nigerian troops overtook Benin City. In 1976 it lost Ughelli to the new Rivers state and was renamed Bendel. Edo State was formed on August 27, 1991 when Bendel State was split into Edo and Delta States.


With Benin City as capital, the population of the entire state is approximately 4million. It is made up of three majors’ ethnic groups: namely the Binis, Esan and Afemai. However, the State has a high presence of residents from across the country and the world because of its cosmopolitan tendencies. Benin City the capital has a history of being one of the foremost destinations of Europeans during their exploration of Africa continent many centuries ago. Some of the flash points have remained enviable tourists’ attraction for the state.


The main ethnic groups in Edo State are: Edos, Afemais, Esans, Owans and Akoko Edos. Virtually all the groups traced their origin to Benin City hence the dialects of the groups vary with their distance from Benin City. The Bini speaking people who occupy seven out of the 18 Local Government Areas of the state constitute 57.54% while others Esan (17.14%) Afemai compirising of Etsako (12.19%), Owan (7.43%), and Akoko Edo (5.70%). However, the Igbira speaking communities exist in Akoko Edo as well as Urhobos, Izons, Itsekiris communities in Ovia North East and South West Local Government Areas especially in the borderlands. Also, Ika speaking communities exist in Igbanke in Orhionmwon LGA. A lot of communities and indeed the ruling dynasties in all the clans trace their roots to the ancient kingdom of Benin.

Cultural similarities are in the areas of religious worships, folklore, dances, festivals, traditional modes of dressing, arts and craft. The political pattern and behaviour are based on a situation where both the monarchial and republican ideas flourished in an integrated manner. The colourful traditional festivals in the state manifest its rich cultural heritage. Critical among these are the Igue and Ekaba festivals done among the Binis and Manhood initaition (age groups) by the Etsako people. With an estimated population of 3,218, 332 made up of 1,640,461 males and 1, 577, 871 females and a growth rate of 2.7% per annum (NPC, 2006), as well as a total landmass of 19,187 square kilometers, the state has a population density of about 168 persons per square kilometers.


Godwin Nogheghase Obaseki (born 1 July 1957 in Benin City, Nigeria) is a Nigerian politician and businessman, who is currently serving as the Executive Governor of Edo State. He was sworn in as the governor on 12 November 2016. He was the Chairman of the Edo State Economic and Strategy Team inaugurated by former Governor Adams Oshiomole in March 2009. Obaseki holds post graduate degrees in both Finance and International Business,[5] and is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Stockbrokers, Nigeria.

Obaseki served as executive board member of several private companies including Afrinvest.[7][8][9] He is the recipient of the Nigerian Union of Teachers (NUT) award for best performing Governor of the year in October 2019.

Edo state government house


Edo State Government House is located at Denis Osadebe Avenue G. R. A. P. M. B. 1081, Benin, Edo. This is the permanent administrative office of the Edo State Government. Here, all state agencies and parastatals are quartered. As such, this is one of the most important places in the state. The Edo State government house serves as the Official home to the state governor or chief state executive of the state and their families. It is the official venue for events such as the state's executive council meetings, government conferences, swearing in of cabinet members and of course the Governor's official business. It can also be used as receptions and functions hosted by individuals; some arms of the state government also have offices at the state government house.


The state is inhabited largely by the Edo (Bini) people, who are linked to the historic kingdom of Benin. Agriculture is the mainstay of the economy. Yams, cassava (manioc), oil palm produce, rice, and corn (maize) are the major subsistence crops, while rubber, timber, and palm oil and kernels are cash crops.

  • Akoko-Edo Local Government Area
  • Egor Local Government Area
  • Esan Central Local Government Area
  • Esan North- East LGA
  • Esan South East Local Government Area
  • Esan West Local Government Area
  • Etsako Central Local Government Area
  • Etsako East Local Government
  • Etsako West Local Government Area
  • lgueben Local Government Area
  • lkpoba Okha Local Government Area
  • Oredo Local Government Area
  • Orhionmwon Local Government Area
  • Ovia North-East Local Government Area
  • Ovia South-West Local Government Area
  • Owan East Local Government Area
  • Owan West Local Government Area
  • Uhunmwode Local Government Area
  • Marble
  • Clay
  • Limestone
  • Iron-ore
  • Gypsum
  • Glass-sand
  • Gold
  • Dolomite
  • Phosphate   
  • Bitumen
  • Oil and gas
  • Arts and Crafts Studio
  • Inter Transportation Business
  • Rubber Plantation
  • Cocoa Plantation
  • Food Processing and Packaging Company
  • Car Wash
  • Plastic Product Manufacturing Company
  • Restaurant and Bar
  • Motel
  • Furniture Manufacturing Company

University of Benin

Igbinedion University

Ambrose Alli University

Benson Idahosa University

Samuel Adegboyega University

College of Education - Ekiadolor


The List of 29 Project completed by the Edo State Governor, Godwin Obaseki, and 14 ongoing projects in Edo State.

Completed project 

  • Edo Job Initiative
  • Edo Innovation Hub
  • Edo Best Educational Reform
  • Open New Central Hospital
  • Edo Production Center
  • Wabizigan launched
  • Govt Science and Technical College
  • Bill passed and signed into law, Establishing the College of Agriculture Iguoriakhi.
  • Emotan Garden Housing
  • Over 10,000 teachers trained
  • Industrial Court
  • Lucky Way constructed
  • New and better EDSTMA
  • New Template for revenue collection
  • Pension Scheme setup
  • Distributed over a million textbooks
  • Fight against Human Trafficking
  • Benin - Akure Road Rehabilitated
  • Irhirhi-Aruogba-Obazagbon-Ogheghe Road
  • Renovation of Oba Akenzua Cultural Center
  • Rehabilitation of Secretariat Road, Igarra
  • Construction of Orhodua Bridge
  • Rehabilitation of Uzebba-Ukpoje-Akagbor Road
  • Reduced C of O to N50k
  • Eradicated CDAs from our communities and stopped Agberos from collecting revenues for Edo State Government.
  • Renovation of High Court Complex
  • Launches compulsory health insurance scheme for all in Edo State. "Social Healthcare Insurance Scheme/Basic Healthcare Provision Funds.
  • Twenty healthcare centers revamped.
  • Create online websit "EdoMonitorMe" Portal for transparency and monitoring of projects

Ongoing project

  • Tayo Akpata University, Abudu Campus
  • Textile Mill Road
  • Ekaewan Road
  • Ugbor-Amagba
  • Commencement of reclamation of erosion damaged embarkment along Upper Mission Road by Temboga.
  • Ongoing Road construction project at Obakhavbaye…executed by Edo State Ministry of Infrastructure and Powered by Edo State Govt.
  • Ossiomo Power Plant
  • Benin River Port, Gelegele
  • Modular Refinery
  • Construction of Primary Health Care Center
  • Construction of Judges Quarters
  • Renovation and facilities upgrade Ogbemudia Stadium
  • Construction of the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources, Iguoriakhi. Ongoing.
  • Laying of fiber optic for faster internet speeds with collaboration with MainOne.