Delta State


Delta State was defined out of the former Bendel State on 27 August 1991. The state was actualized following agitations for the realization of a separate distinct state by the peoples of the old Delta Province. There was yet another state request proposed as "Niger State" comprising the Asaba and Aboh divisions of the old Midwest region. The then Military President, Gen. Ibrahim Babangida, recognized Delta state but chose "Asaba" a prominent town within the "Northwestern lower Niger" as capital city. The proposed capital was a virgin land in the heart of the two constituent divisions that constitutes the Northwestern lower Niger. Delta state was once integrated in the Mid Western state from 1963 to 1976 and later Bendel state, from 1976 to 1991. The name "Bendel" (Ben-Del) coined from the old Benin and Delta Provinces of Western Region-Delta to reflect the integration of Benin and Delta provinces.

The state covers a landmass of about 18,050 km (6,970 sq mi), of which more than 60% is land. The state lies approximately between 5°00' and 6°45' E and 5°00' and 6°30' N. It is geographically located in Nigeria's midwest, bounded in the north and west by Edo State, the east by Anambra, Imo, and Rivers States, southeast by Bayelsa State, and on the southern extreme is the Bight of Benin which covers about 160 kilometres of the state's coastline. Delta State is generally low-lying without any remarkable hills. The state has a wide coastal belt inter-lace with rivulets and streams, which form part of the Niger River Delta. Delta state is predominantly inhabited by the Urhobo, Isoko, Ika, Igbo, Ukwani, Ijaw, Itsekiri and the Olukumi people. The population of other groups in the state are negligible. The Urhobo-Isoko are the most predominant people inhabiting the state and currently more than 3 million. The Igboid group populating Delta State are referred to as Anioma (People Of Good Land) The Itsekiri speak a language very closely related to Yoruba but have been culturally influenced by the Edo from neighbouring Edo state, as well as the Urhobo, and Isoko. The Ijaws are a group of people related to the predominant people of neighbouring Bayelsa State, while the Olukumi are becoming culturally and linguistically extinct, due to acculturation and assimilation.

The vast majority of inhabitants are Christian, with very few practicing traditional religions.


Senator Dr. Ifeanyi Arthur Okowa was born on 8th July 1959 into a Christian family in Owa-Alero, Ika North-East Local Government Area Delta State.

He attended Iroro Primary School Owa Alero (1965-1969), and later enrolled at the prestigious Edo College, Benin City from where he obtained the West Africa School Certificate (1974) and Higher School Certificate (1976). Later, he proceeded to the University of Ibadan, Oyo State, where he qualified as a medical Doctor in June 1981. Before then, he did his internship with the Central Hospital, Benin City (1981-1982), and thereafter, completed his National Youth Service Corp (NYSC) with the Primary Health Care Department in Ahiazu-Mbaise Local Government Council, Imo State (1982-1983).

Dr. Okowa was employed by the Bendel State Hospitals Management Board in 1983 and worked at the General Hospital, Uromi, and Government Hospital, Igbanke, at different times. He resigned from government service in 1986 to establish Victory Medical Clinics at Igbanke and Boji Boji, Owa.

He ventured into politics in 1991 and became the Secretary of Ika Local Government Council. With the creation of Ika North East Local Government Area in the same year, he became its pioneer Executive Chairman (1991-1993). With the truncation of the Third Republic in 1993, Dr Okowa resumed his medical practice but returned to politics in 1998 with the lifting of the ban on politics by the then Military Government.

Since the inception of the Nigerian Fourth Republic in 1999, Senator Okowa has had the privilege of wholesome engagements in the governance of Delta State. He was Commissioner of Agriculture and Natural Resources (1999-2001), Water Resources Development (2001-2003) and Health (2003-2006).

Dr Okowa resigned in October 2006 to contest election to the office of Governor, Delta State, under the platform of PDP. He was runner-up at the PDP Gubernatorial Primaries, and later led the campaign of the Party as Director-General. He served as the Secretary of the Government Transition Committee in April/May 2007, an assignment he also had the privilege to perform in 1999.

In June 2007, he was appointed Secretary to the State Government (SSG). He resigned in July 2010 to contest the senatorial election for Delta North Senatorial District, an election he won convincingly.

Senator Dr Okowa was elected the fourth Executive Governor of Delta State on April 11, 2015 and was sworn in on May 29, 2015.


The Delta State government house serves as the Official home to the state governor or chief state executive of the state and their families. It is the official venue for events such as the state's executive council meetings, government conferences, swearing in of cabinet members and of course the Governor's official business. It can also be used as receptions and functions hosted by individuals; some arms of the state government also have offices at the state government house.


Main Economic Activities

Delta State is a major oil producing state and ranks second to Rivers State. The State supplies about 35% of Nigeria's crude oil and some considerable amount of natural gas. The oil producing local government areas are Warri North and South, Burutu, Isoko North and South, Ughelli North and South, Okpe, Ethiope East and West, Sapele and Ndokwa East and West. The nation's second refinery as well as petrochemical plant are located in the state at Warri.

The oil producing local government areas are Warri North and South, Burutu, Isoko North and South, Ughelli North and South, Okpe, Ethiope East and West, Sapele and Ndokwa East and West. The nation's second refinery as well as petrochemical plant are located in the state at Warri.


  • Aniocha North Local Government
  • Aniocha South Local Government
  • Burutu Local Government Area
  • Ethiope East LGA
  • 4Burutu Local Government Area
  • 8Ika South Local Government Area
  • Isoko North Local Government Area
  • Isoko South Local Government Area
  • 7Ika North East Local Government Area
  • Ndokwa East Local Government Area
  • Ndokwa West Local Government
  • Okpe Local Government Area
  • Oshimili North Local Government
  • Oshimili South Local Government Area
  • Patani Local Government Area
  • Sapele Local Government Area.
  • Udu Local Government Area.
  • Ughelli North Local Government Area
  • Ughelli South Local Governmentt.
  • Ukwuani Local Government.
  • Uvwie Local Government Area.
  • Warri North Local Government.
  • Warri South Local Government.

Warri South West Local Government Area.


  • Clay
  • Silica
  • Lignite
  • Kaolin
  • Tar sand
  • Decorative rocks
  • Limestone


1. Oil Servicing Business

Delta state is one of the few states in Nigeria where oil servicing business can thrive simply because of oil exploration in the state. All you need to do to get started is to ensure that you do your due diligent to know the services that is required by major oil producing companies. You could help in pipeline installation and repairs or you could help in general maintenance of facilities. Just ensure that you go through the Corporate Affairs Commission to legally register your company and then obtain the required business license.

2. Transportation Business

If you are an entrepreneur looking for a viable and profitable business to start in Delta state, then you can consider starting your own transportation business. You can choose to major on interstate transportation or intrastate transportation. The bottom line is that if you manage your transportation business very well, you are sure going to get good returns on your investment because transportation in Delta state is still being dominated by private investors and not the government and the industry is still open for more investors to come in.

3. Restaurant and Bar

Restaurant and Bar is yet another very lucrative business that an entrepreneur can successfully start in Delta State. Just ensure that you choose a very good location to setup your restaurant and bar. Although, you can setup your restaurant and bar in any part of Delta State, but it is more viable in places like Asaba, Warri, Agbor, Umunede, Ugheli and Abraka because of the number of visitors that troop to this towns on a regular basis.

4. Cinema / Viewing Center

Nigerians are known to be lovers of sports particularly football. An average football enthusiast has a foreign football club that they are supporting and are always eager to go watch them whenever they are playing. So, if you love football and you are looking for a business to start, then you can consider starting your own football viewing centre. It is indeed a profitable business and you will definitely get good returns on your investment. If you are looking for a futuristic business to setup in Delta State, then you may think towards starting your own cinema.

5. Cleaning Service

The services of cleaners are in high demand in Delta State; places like hospitals, government facility, Airport, and business premises need the services of cleaners. So if you are looking for a business to start in Delta state, then you should consider starting your own cleaning service. You should not restrict your cleaning business to only corporate cleaning of facilities; you can as well add dry cleaning services. Just ensure that you position the business in such a way that it will be easier for you to attract clients that cut across all sectors of the economy of Delta state.

6. Furniture Making Business

Another thriving business that an aspiring entrepreneur can start in Delta state is furniture making business. All you need to do is to learn the trade either formally or informally and then setup your own furniture making shop. The truth is that if you are good at what you do, you will not only attract clients from within Delta State both also from other states of Nigeria.

7. Electronics Sales Shop

If you are looking for an easy but profitable business to start in Delta State, then you should consider starting your own electronic sales shop. Just ensure that you rent a shop in a business district and stock the shop with various brands of electronics. Once you are able to make your electronic shop a one stop shop, then you will always smile to the bank. You can as well add electronics repair and installation as part of the services your offer.

8. Auto Mechanic Workshop

Auto mechanic workshop is yet another lucrative business that an entrepreneur can start in Delta state. You would need technical skills to be able to start and run this type of business. You can acquire the skills from technical colleges or as an apprentice in an established auto workshop.

9. Party Rental Business

Party rental business is one of the businesses that are in high demand in Delta State and even in most states in Nigeria. So, if you have the capital to purchase over a hundred dozen of party chairs and tables and also canopies, drums and sound system, then you can comfortably start your own party rental business.

10. Hair Salon and Beauty Shop

Despite the fact that there are couples of hair salon and beauty shop spread across Delta state, you can still start yours and make good returns on your investment. Just ensure that your hair salon and beauty shop is well positioned.




List of ongoing road project in Delta state by the state governor

1. Construction of Okurekpo/Okunoh-Okpara/Okoruah/Onumane/Samagidi Road -Ethiope East-Ongoing

2. Construction of Oghara Township Road, Phase VI-Ethiope West-Ongoing

3. Reconstruction and rehabilitation of failed portions of various roads in Mosogar-Ethiope West-Ongoing

4. Rehabilitation of Jesse/Boboroku Road-Ethiope West-Ongoing

5. Dualization of Effurun-Osubi-Eku Road (Sector A). -Okpe-Ongoing

6. Rehablitation of Jeddo Ughoton Road and Construction of Access Road to Eagles Height University-Okpe-Ongoing

7. Rehabilitation of Ugbokodo Road, from Jeddo/Ughoton Road Junction to the Market- Okpe –Ongoing

8. Extension of Ejinyere/Orodje Streets Orerokpe, Okpe LGA- Okpe –Ongoing

9. Dualisation of Sapele Road from Amukpe Roundabout by Sapele/Warri Expressway to AT & P Roundabout Sapele in Sapele Local Government area -Sapele-Ongoing

10. Construction of Edegbrode-Elume Road in Sapele Local Government Area -Sapele-Ongoing

11. Construction of Grace Road, Ekete Waterside, Udu, Udu Local Government Area-Udu-Ongoing

12. Reconstruction of Ekete Main Road, off DSC Expressway, Ekete in Udu Local Government Area -Udu-Ongoing

13. Construction of Oritsejobor Street, Dr. Steve Oru Street, Dr. Steve Oru Close, Okpodjiko Street Extension, and Rehabilitation of Okpodjiko Access Road in Ughelli, Ughelli North Local Govt Area -Ughelli North-Ongoing

14. Construction of Royal Avenue and Prince Eric Drive in Ughelli, Ughelli North LGA-Ughelli North-Ongoing

15. Continuation of Agbarho/Orherhe/Otokutu Road, Section I (From Agbarho to Orherhe in Ughelli North LGA- Ughelli North –Ongoing

16. Construction of Oseri / Ayovoriemu Street with a spur to Chief Justice Marshal Umukoro Street in Ughelli-Ughelli North-Ongoing

17. Rehabilitation & Resealing of Otu-Jeremi /Okwagbe Road in Ughelli South LGA -Ughelli South-Ongoing

18. Construction of Ovwor/Effurun-Otor Bridge and Access Roads in Ughelli South LGA-Ughelli South-Ongoing

19. Construction of Okwagbe/Otutuama/Esaba Road, (Phase I: from Okwagbe to the first bridge) -Ughelli South-Ongoing

20. Rehabilitation/Asphalt Overlay of Ekakpamre/Ekrokpe/Usiefurun Road in Ughelli South and Udu LGA-Ughelli South/Udu-Ongoing

21. Widening of Warri/Sapele Road. Phase I: from Effurun Roundabout to Enerhen Junction (Warri Bus Rapid TRansit (BRT) Project)-Uvwie-Ongoing

22. Expansion and Upgrading of Tankers Park, Ekpan in Uvwie LGA- Uvwie –Ongoing

23. Maintenance of Effurun Roundabout and Refinery Road, Effurun -Uvwie-Ongoing

24. Construction of Okuomowa Road in Osubi to link Etakpo Lane / MacNero Road, Osubi-Okpe-Ongoing

25. Construction of Bethel Oborovwori Crescent / Iyamu Street in Osubi to link Maroko in Okuokoko, Osubi-Okpe-Ongoing

26. Construction/Rehabilitation of Internal roads in Orogun town -Ughelli North-Ongoing

27. Construction of Concrete Drains and Discharge Channel from Refinery Road through Aribogha Street, Jesus is Lord Street to the Natural Waterway by Regal Clinic, Jakpa Road, Effurun in Uvwie Local Government Area -Uvwie-Ongoing

28. Construction of Arhagba - Orogun Road in Ughelli North Local Government Area (Phase I: From Arhagba/Emonu Junction to Ebor Community)-Ughelli North-Ongoing

29. Construction, Reconstruction and Rehabilitation of five (5) Roads in Sapele -Sapele-Ongoing

30. Reconstruction of the Failed Portions of Okuvo/Okugbogbo/Mereje Road -Okpe-Ongoing

31. Continuation of the Construction Of Issele-Uku/Onicha-Uku/Ugbodu/Ukwu-Nzu/Obomkpa/Idumu-Ogo Road: Completion Of Phase I of the Contract (6.65km Length) from Idumu-Ugo to Obomkpa in Aniocha North Local Government Area-Aniocha North-Ongoing

32. Continuation of the Construction of Onicha-Ugbo/Ubulu-Uku Road with a spur to Knowledge Centre, Onicha-Ugbo; Phase I: from the Expressway Junction to the Knowledge Centre including Internal Roads within the Centre (2.157km)-Aniocha North-Ongoing

33. Construction of Idumuje-Ugboko/Idumuje-Unor Road -Aniocha North-Ongoing

34. Completion of the Construction of Ogwashi-uku/Ubulu-Unor Road- Aniocha South –Ongoing

35. Rehabilitation and Asphalt Overlay of Nsukwa/Ejeme Aniogor/Agbor-Alidinma/Owa-Alidinma in Aniocha South, Ndokwa West, Ika South & Ika North East LGA-Aniocha South, Ndokwa West, Ika South & Ika North East –Ongoing

36. Construction of Agboma-Mokpia Street, Owa-Alero in Ika North East Local Government Area-Ika North –Ongoing

37. Dualization of Owa-Ekei-Owa-Alero Road (from Old Lagos/Asaba Road to Owa Alero Roundabout) in Ika North East LGA- Ika North East –Ongoing

38. Construction of concrete drains along Owa-Alidinma Road -Ika North East-Ongoing

39. Dualisation of Old Lagos Asaba Road from Emuhu Junction to Agbor-Obi Junction in Ika North East LGA- Ika North East & Ika South –Ongoing

40. Rehabilitation & Asphalt Overlay of Umunede/Otolokpo/Ute-Okpu/Ekuku-Agbor/Ndemili/Obeti/Umutu Road in Ika North East, Ika South, Ndokwa West & Ukwuani LGA-Ika North East, Ika South, Ndokwa West & Ukwuani-Ongoing

41. Construction of Agbor Alidinma/Obiduhon Road- Ika South –Ongoing

42. Construction of Abavo Circular Road, Abavo Phase 1: 5.26 Kilometre- Length inclusive of the spur into Ogbekile Street in Ika South LGA-Ika South-Ongoing

43. Construction of Idumu-Oza/Alihiagwu/Oki Road- Ika South –Ongoing

44. Construction of Emeghai and Uhiere Streets, Agbor-Ika South-Ongoing

45. Construction of Alisimie/Igbanke Road with a Spur to Imahiagbe Street -Ika South-Ongoing

46. Reconstruction and resurfacing of Old Umunede/Emuhu Road with a spur to the Asaba/Benin Expressway -Ika South-Ongoing

47. Rehabilitation/Widening of Access Road to Beneku Community in Ndokwa East LGA-Ndokwa East-Ongoing

48. Dualization of Asaba/Okpanam Road Section II- Oshimili North –Ongoing

49. Construction of Obobo/Abu-Ise/Umutei Road, Illah-Oshimili North-Ongoing

50. Consultancy Services for the Rehabilitation Works on Asaba International Airport Runway and Taxiways-Oshimili South-Ongoing

51. Continuation and Completion of the Construction of Storm Water Ccontrol Measures in DLA/Jesus Saves Corridor in Asaba-Oshimili South-Ongoing

52. Construction of Edu China Street (Access Road to Daily Independent Newspaper), Asaba -Oshimili South-Ongoing

53. Completion of the Rehabilitation of Runway and Taxiways, Extension of Box Culvert and ancillary works at Asaba International Airport, Asaba-Oshimili South-Ongoing

54. Construction of Storm Water Discharge Channel Along DBS/Cabinet/ Umejei Adudu Way to Amilimocha River, Asaba-Oshimili South-Ongoing

55. Construction of Storm Water Drainage Along Amb. Ralph Uwechue Way to Anwai River, Asaba-Oshimili South-Ongoing

56. Construction of Obiaruku/Umuebu Road, (Phase I: The First 5 Kilometres from Obiaruku) -Ukwuani-Ongoing

57. Construction of Dein Palace/Oza-Nogogo Road, Ika South L.G.A -Ika South-Ongoing

58. Construction of Asaba-Ase/Abari Road-Ndokwa East/Patani-Ongoing

59. Construction of Oviri-Olomu/Egodor in Ughelli South and Burutu LGA-Burutu and Ughelli South –Ongoing

60. Dualization of Ughelli-Asaba Road, (Sector A). -Isoko North-Ongoing

61. Construction of Anglican Diocese Grammar School Road, Uzuobe Street and Rehabilitation/Overlay of Other Township Roads, Iyede In Isoko North Local Government Area. - Isoko North –Ongoing

62. Construction of Aradhe/Ellu Old Road (Phase II: from the Ughelli/Asaba Expressway to Aradhe)-Isoko North-Ongoing

63. Construction of Aradhe/Ellu Old Road (Phase 1)-Isoko North-Ongoing

64. Widening/Reconstruction of Owhelogbo/Abbi Road in Isoko North And Ndokwa West Local Government Areas-Isoko North & Ndokwa West-Ongoing

65. Construction of ldheze By-Pass to Okpe lsoko in lsoko South Local Government Area- Isoko North/Isoko South –Ongoing

66. Reconstruction of Old Oleh/Emede -Olomoro Junction, Isoko South Local Government Area; -Isoko South-Ongoing

67. Construction of Internal Roads in Ikpide-Irri Community in Isoko South Local Government Area-Isoko South-Ongoing

68. Reconstruction of the Korobe Road, Koko -Warri North-Ongoing

69. Rehabilitation and asphalt overlay of Kabowei Road as well as the construction of 700 metres long Reinforced Concrete Rigid Pavement on Marine Road, Patani - Patani –Ongoing

70. Construction of Trans Warri - Ode-Itsekiri Bridges and Access Roads Phase I: Section I Ubeji to Ode-Itsekiri Roundabout with Spurs to Ijala Ugbodede, Orugbo and Ajigba - Inorin - Usele Communities and Section II (iii) Ode-Itsekiri Internal roads- Warri South –Ongoing

71. Reconstruction of Ubeji Access Road (from NPA Road Interchange to Trans – Warri Junction, Ubeji- Warri South –Ongoing

72. Maintenance of Apalla and Fani-Kayode Roads, Warri, -Warri South-Ongoing

73. Construction of Esiri Street with a Spur from Obahor Street to Upper Erejuwa Road, Warri -Warri South-Ongoing

74. Asphalt overlay of NPA Bye pass Road (From the New Port Gate to Old Port Gate) Warri -Warri South-Ongoing

75. Construction of access road to Ugbuwangwe New Layout, off Vincent Uduaghan road, Ugbuwangwe, Warri, Warri South Local Government Area -Warri South-Ongoing

76. Main Axial Road at Okerenkoko, Warri South West Local Government Area. -Warri South West-Ongoing

77. Construction of Oporoza Palace Road in Gbaramatu Kingdom, Warri South West LGA-Warri South West-Ongoing

78. Construction of Rigid Concrete Pavement Road at Obitobon-Elolo-Ajaokurogbo-Orubu Road, Ogidigben, Warri South West-Warri South West-Ongoing

79. Construction Okerenkoko Township Roads (Phase II), in Warri South West Local Government Area -Warri South West-Ongoing

80. Construction of Ayakoromor Bridge across River Forcados, Ayakoromor-Burutu –Ongoing