Unveiling and Rebranding Nigeria Initiative is a non-governmental organization (NGO) which seeks to propagate several strategies to showcase the true potentials of Nigeria, her people, and heritage to the world. The Initiative aims to leverage information technology and media strategies to unveil Nigeria as a dynamic, rich and multi-faceted country having vast potentials for achieving greatness. The Initiative comprises of two aspects which will run simultaneously, they include the Technology section and the community engagement programme. The Technology section harnesses the power of information technology to provide information with verifiable facts & figures about Nigeria. The Community engagement programme deals with the non-technology aspects such as coordination and promotion of events that galvanize nation-building interactions such as Townhall Meetings, Opinion Polls, Natural Resources Tour, etc. Worthy of mention is that this initiative is promoted by a team of active citizens from different walks of life and championed by some distinguished Nigerians among whom is Ambassador Hassan Tukur, OFR, who has served the country in different capacities over the last 4 decades. There will be several engagements on a monthly basis leading up to October this year, some of which include: roadshows, campus tour, community engagements and town hall meetings, the making of the book -- faces of patriotism, football competition/unity league et cetera. This initiative began as a side-project by a few executives in Nigeria’s tech industry and expanded to include other patriotic Nigerians and is now what has become the URNI community.


    The image of Nigeria overseas is not particularly honourable. Many foreigners believe Nigerians are terrorists, criminals, selfish people, militants and so on. Even more worrying is the fact that the international media is not doing much to improve the image of the nation. To this end, Unveiling and Rebranding Nigeria initiative seeks to showcase the strength of the nation; her rich resources – human & natural, businesses, rich history, culture and carnivals, etc. In summary, everything good which has been obscured both intentionally & otherwise will be unveiled through the Programme.


    Address the inadequate and skewed information on the country’s governance, its people, its achievements, its history and its vast potentials; Catalyse innovations for excellent service delivery within and among all sectors of the country via technology driven concepts directed at actualizing strategic goals; Ensure the continuous capture of current and historical data from various sources; Establish an interactive platform for citizen/government interaction in Nigeria; Enforce open and inclusive governance in Nigeria; Facilitate real-time monitoring of Government Projects; Change and improve the social orientation of the nation one person at a time Showcase investment opportunities in Nigeria.


    To Project the positive image of Nigeria using technology and community engagement to inspire patriotism in Nigeria


    • Patriotism 
    • Discipline 
    • Reliability 
    • Empathy


    • Federal Government and All Agencies 
    • State Governments .
    • Local Government 
    • Ward Councils 
    • Corporate Institutes 
    • The Individuals


    • A Nigerian As A Person 
    • The Nigerian Nation and Gonvernment 
    •  International Community